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PBH is a specialized company involved in production, selection, packing and export of fresh yellow and red onions both of conventional and organic quality and spring onions.

Thanks to a good planning of cultivation and production, we are able to deliver red and yellow onions and spring onions of consistent good quality ten months per year starting from October till March for spring onions and from March till July for table onions.

All the available onions varieties are produced from controlled seeds which full grown bulbs are most suitable for storage and keeping its quality even during long transit times of shipping.

Production and selection
Cultivation comes from the most fertile governorates suitable for onions production in Egypt like Menia and Bani Sweif in the south and Gharbeia and dessert areas in the North of Egypt.
Cultivation is running in accordance with GlobalGap standards.


Is running through our newly launched packaging and grading line at our packing house in Al Fayoum governorate near to the cultivated areas of onions.
The packing house in Al Fayoum is running in accordance with GLOBALGAP standards.
Onions is available in both certification programs of GlobalGap and EEC 2092/91 organic programe.
Onions is handled with great care during the whole stages of production and export starting from cultivation, drying, post harvest handling, selection, packaging and transport until being received by our customer.

Onions Weight
40- feet Container
10 kg
125-160 bags
max. 3,000 bags
25 kg
50-60 bags
max. 1,200 bags

Sizes Dry onions both red and white is available in sizes ranging from 35 mm to 120 mm round where the number of (sacks) bags per pallet depends on the weight per bag. Generally most of the products can be packed in sacks 10 or 25 kg. Packaging of jumbo bags of 1250 kg is also possible. Spring onions are available in carton boxes with a variable bunch sizes and weights according to customer request as (70 gm/bunch, 110gm/bunch…etc)


Yellow onions This normal onion is still the one that is most often-grown and most often-used allover the world. It is characterized by its strong, white-coloured flesh. The yellow onion has a savoury flavour.

Red onions have a spicier flavour than the normal yellow onion. Thanks to its striking colour it is ideal for decorating salads, but it is also a perfect flavouring in other dishes such as soups and sauces. We deliver red onions from Egypt that is considered as one of the best qualities produced allover the world.

Organic red onions Our range of products includes organic yellow and red onions where cultivation involves producing food without the use of agrochemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. Under EEC Regulation 2092/91 that controls the organic production in Europe and associated countries, Pharaonic Bioherb cultivates and delivers red and yellow onions and spring onions. Spring onions This kind of healthy onions adds extraordinary taste and health values to your favorite dishes and recipes.

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