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The Private Mining Limited Company; First Private Sector Company to Export Egyptian Sea Salt to European Countries steadily growing since 1990.
The Private Mining Limited Company exporting Sea Salt to: Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus France Greece Italy Spain Sweden United Kingdom The Private Mining Limited Company succeeded during past years until now to have a good position in Egyptian Salt Export ( more than 250.000.- m/t per year ) and succeeded to make a difference.
Our qualified staff strictly control the salt from A-Z ( selection of quality at the salines, washing trucks before loading, collecting foreign matters before & during loading trucks , transport to port , storing in port warehouses , loading trucks to vessels , loading by built conveyors , final control of salt in vessel holds , collecting any foreign matters and monitoring anti-caking adding once requested...etc )
Brief introduction on Egyptian Salt: Egyptian salt is produced by public sector companies. From day one, we are working in cooperation with producers through annual contract. These long years of working together had led to perfect understanding with production and commercial staff.


Raw Salt for De-icing / El Arish Port

Washed Salt For De-Icing

Raw Salt for De-icing / Alexandria Port

Raw Salt for De-icing

Washed Salt For De-icing / Alexandria Port

Washed Salt For De-icing

Washed Salt / Port-Said Port

Washed Salt- Port-Said Port

Raw Salt / El-Arish Port

Raw Salt-El-Arish Port

Washed Salt / El-Arish Port

Washed Salt -El-Arish Port

Pure Dried Vacuum Salt ( PDV SALT )

Pure Dried Vacuum Salt ( PDV SALT )

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Typical Range Bulk Density 1.21 – 1.23 g/cm3 Typical Range Sieve Analysis % Through Sieve ( passing from 1000µm) 100 ( on300µm) 55 – 65 ( on200µm) 30 – 35 ( passing from 200µm) 5 – 10 Country of Origin : Egypt

Vacuum Salt Tablets

Vacuum Salt Tablets

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