Industrial potatoes (Lady Rosetta, Hermes)

For East mid Area, Gulf Area from middle of January till end of April, to Europe union from 1st of February till End of March and to east Europe from middle of February till end of May.
45mm, 65mm & 90mm Varieties: Spunta, Diamont, Cara, Lady Rosetta & Nicola.
In Bulk vessels, Refrigerated Reefer container (20 Feet reefer container can load 9 Pallets & 40 Feet reefer container 20 Pallets) & By Trucks. 
Main Export Markets: Greece, Russia, Lebanon, UAE & Kuwait. Extra Advantages:
Many sizes, many packages, many varieties, competitive prices, high quality, free of brown rotten (Brown Mold), free of annular mold, free of bacterial diseases and germs. 
We can put peat moss or not as our customer's requirements


The main varieties that The fresh limited company exports are :

Lady Rosetta:
Lady Rosetta gives crop reliability and high yield. This variety is highly acceptable to the processing industry.
Lady Rosetta achieves its high dry matter content, and low sugar content, earlier than other varieties and therefore can be processed with excellent results when delivered directly from the fields.
Lady Rosetta is a first-rate potato for crisp production and can also be processed into starch and mash. 
The demand, therefore, for this potato is increasingly steadily.
Lady Rosetta is known by its red skinned, round uniform tubers and semi shallow eyes. 
The potato has pale yellow colored flesh and produces a very high dry matter.
Also, Lady Rosetta has a good flavor and there is no discoloration after cooking (cooking type BC).
The foliage develops rapidly, with good cover and medium height towards maturity. 
Lady Rosetta is moderately susceptible to leaf and tuber blight, fairly resistant to scab, resistant to potato cyst eelworm, pathotypes Ro1and Ro4, fairly resistant to Yn- and leaf roll virus, immune to virus A and X.
Lady Rosetta is resistant to most internal defect.
Parentage: CARDINAL X (VTN) 2 62-33-3.

DIAMANT is a variety developed to meet the requirements of the French fry industry, who demand raw materials that meet all specifications. DIAMANT meets all these specifications and assures the grower of an outlet and a good marketable yield.
DIAMANT is a second early variety. 
The skin color is white. 
The flesh is creamy white.
As stated above, DIAMANT is an excellent French fry variety. 
However has more 
attributes, the consumer will appreciate the excellent qualities of this potato. 
The cooking type is BBC.
DIAMANT has a high marketable yield and can be long term stored maintaining it's top quality properties needed for the French fry industry. 
The leaves are slightly sensitive to blight. 
The tubers are resistant to wart disease and fairly resistant to Yn virus.
Parentage: Agria x KW 78-34-470.


  • Fresh quality and yield.

  • Medium-late ripening.

  • Medium-sized, longoval tubers.

  • Excellent firm-cooking quality.

  • Most popular quality potato.

  • Application : Table Potatoe.





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