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Imported Products

Private Label was the first company in Egypt to import French and Chinese beans back to 1989. In addition the company imports French, English, Chinese and Australian beans. Our import volume reaches 35,000 MT annually in bulk or containers. All the imported quantities are distributed in the domestic market.

Private Label is an importer of split lentils; we import Turkish, Canadian, Syrian, Indian, and Chinese origin lentils. We have our own wide distribution chain in the domestic market which enables distribution of large quantities in the Egyptian market.
In 1984, after the government privatized the import of sugar, Private Label was the first importer of sugar in Egypt. Private Label imports raw and refined sugar from Brazil and India in mass quantities for both domestic and international markets.

Sweet and bitter Lupines:
Private Label imports lupines from Chile, Australia, and other origins. Quantities get distributed to whole seller and distributors.

  Seasame Seeds:
Private Label is one of the first companies in Egypt to import sesame seeds and introduce to the Egyptian market. We import all types and varieties of sesame, quantities get distributed to a wide variety of Egyptian Factories and whole sellers all around Egypt.

We import Indian, Sudanese, Ethiopian, and Mozambique origin sesame seeds.

Private Sector in Egypt imports more than 2 million tons per year, Private Label is already engaged in the wheat market in Egypt for the past few year.

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