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  The Private Herbs limited company company was established as a family company business in 1979. The company started its activity on its own property by the construction of small plant. The main activity in 1979 till 1982 was in cultivation and processing the dried herbs and spices and sell it in our local market.
The continues increase in the production volume resulted in the purchase of a large property at upper Egypt ( El- Fayoum city ) , El-Fayoum city is the most famous area in herbs and spices cultivation since Pharonic era.
At the beginning of 1983 we decided to expand our activity to export our production from the herbs and spices to the European countries. And we successes to export and establish a good business relation with many partners in many European countries in the food sector industry.
In 1986 we wide our product list and we cultivate and produced a many kinds of herbs used in the HERBAL TEEA industry. As well known now over the all world that the herbal tea is more useful and healthy than the other tea. And due to our herbs flavors and high aroma content, we have been appreciated by a large number of clients in Europe countries and also in Canada.
Our high quality of herbs used in herbal tea industry attract the clients to our product due to high aroma, free from pesticide and natural 100%, and as result of this
We gain a prize during HERBARIUM fair 2005 in Poland. Our product exported to many European countries such as, Germany , England , Holland , Poland , Hungary , Czech republic , Lithuania , Russia , and also we export our product to Canada and Sri lanka .  We always do our utmost to provide our partners with the herbs and spices they want preserving its best quality. We believe that mutual co-operation is the Guarantee to achieve the best result to the pleasure of our partners.
Herbs & spices Product list
  Anise Celery Chilli Fenugreek Hibiscus Liquorice Nigella Red Clover
  Parsley Rosemary Salvia Basil Calendula Table Onions Caraway Senna
  Fennel Jew's Mallow Marjoram Oregano Peppermint Spearmint Thyme Onion
  Chamomile Coriander Dill Garlic Lemon Grass Melissa    

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