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:: Latin Name :

Trigonella foenumgraecum, Fam. Leguminoseae

:: Sensoric quality :

Bitter and aromatic. The leaves' fragrance slightly resembleslovage.

:: Main constituents :

Fenugreek contains only minute quantities of an essential oil. In the essential oil, 40 different compounds were found, of which a hemiterpenoid ?-lactone, sotolon (3-hydroxy-4,5-dimethyl-2(5H)-furanone), seems to be the most important aroma component; furthermore, n- alkanes, sesquiterpenes, alkanoles and lactones were In toasted fenugreek seeds, pyrazines are formed as the main flavour compounds.

:: Uses:

The major use of fenugreek is in curry powders, figuring in many mixtures, especially vindaloo and the hot curries of Sri Lanka. In home-made powders, the amount used can be controlled, but in cheap bought powders it often overpowers. When fish is curried, particularly strong-tasting fish such as tuna and mackerel, fenugreek is frequently included in the spice mixture. Many chutneys and pickles incorporate it and it gives a tangy aroma to vegetables. The leaves, both fresh and dried, are used in meat curries, dhal and vegetable dishes and chutneys. Flour mixed with ground fenugreek makes a spicy bread. A tea can be made by infusing teaspoon of seed with two cups of water for five minutes.

:: Medicinal Uses : LACTAGAUGE

:: Availability :leaves and seeds



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